Oil Recycling Antifreeze Necessary

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  About Us

A Company Fully Compliant With All Government Regulations

            • Environmental Protection Agency
            • Cradle to Grave” methodology
            • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan

Department of Transportation and multi-states regulations

Prompt, Dependable Service including 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Reliable, professional, pick-up and delivery personnel
  • Large, major-capacity trucking fleet
  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups

A Fully Insured Company

On-Your-Site Halogen Testing

On Our Bristol Site Laboratory Testing and Analysis

State-Of-The Art Wastewater Treatment Equipment

  • Featuring an Anaerobic Biological Treatment Reactor with 40,000 gallon-per-day capacity for round-the-clock operation

One Of The Southeast's Largest, Most Reliable Companies

  • Our primary service area spans the states of Tennessee, Virginia,
    North Carolina, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
  • Meanwhile, we make special arrangements to service businesses in other Eastern U.S. states outside the above coverage areas.


  Products & Services

Our Products and Services

  • Petroleum Contact Water (POC)
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Oil Dry with Oil
  • Wet or Dry Sludge
  • Pads, Booms, Oily Rags
  • Empty Drum Disposal
  • Antifreeze
  • Gas & Water
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Grease
  • Oil Filters
  • Adsorbents
  • Non-hazardous used oils include motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic, gear, and non-chlorine oils.
  • Parts Washers

We customize our service to your operation by picking up your used oil products in drums, which we provide, or by pumping liquid products from your containment into our trucks for hauling.

Oil filters are recycled into such items as manhole covers, and road gratings.

The oil re-refining process that we use creates a true, top-grade, quality #4 Burner Fuel which meets many industrial and commercial applications. We sell this as a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to virgin fuels.

The water treated in our Wastewater Treatment Plant meets and surpasses all EPA, state and local water standards before discharge.


Our Central Contractor Registration Cage Code No. is 3RFY2

Main Office – Purchasing, Re-Refining & Water Treatment
1300 Georgia Avenue
Bristol, TN 37620-4048
Local Phone 764-4533
Toll-Free 800-764-4533
Fax 423-764-2175
DUNS# 052249448

Fleet Trucking Management
NTC Acquisition Company
Post Office Box 875
Bristol, VA 24201
Local Phone 764-4533
Toll-Free 800-764-4533
DUNS# 143157944

Purchasing - West Virginia
Necessary Oil Company
Plant Road, Par Industrial Park
Post Office Box 305
Nitro, WV  25143
Local Phone 304-755-1439
Fax 304-755-1459
Toll Free 800-764-4533

Purchasing – Virginia (Roanoke Metro)
Necessary Oil Company
355 Norfolk & Western Avenue
Cloverdale, VA 24077
Phone 800-764-4533

Drum Services, Processing & Fleet Trucking
111 East Mary Street
Bristol, VA 24201

Solids Processing
215 North Industrial Drive
Industrial Park
Bristol, TN 37620
To obtain the cell phone number of the plant
contact call, locally, 764-4533 or Toll-Free 800-764-4533.


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CLICK HERE to Contact us via Email or call us at 423-764-4533 or 800-764-4533.

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Oil Gas Burner Fuel Recycling Service Area
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